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tmi_bull.gif (544 bytes) GEORGE - Once alive, now stuffed (mounted) pet dachshund
tmi_bull.gif (544 bytes)
Keepers - Stuff worth pondering, saving, passing on
tmi_bull.gif (544 bytes)The Paradox of our Time (Times they be a changin')
tmi_bull.gif (544 bytes) About Us - The Riggs Family
tmi_bull.gif (544 bytes) Dennis' Page - About the Old Man
tmi_bull.gif (544 bytes) Paul's Family - (Our Older Son's Family)
tmi_bull.gif (544 bytes) Jennifer's Page  (Our Daughter)
tmi_bull.gif (544 bytes)
Robbie's Family - (Our Younger Son's Family)
tmi_bull.gif (544 bytes)
Robbie's Daughter Logan's 8th Birthday (Our Granddaughter)
tmi_bull.gif (544 bytes) Robbie & Crystal Wedding Pictures
tmi_bull.gif (544 bytes) Granny (The Old Man's Mama)
tmi_bull.gif (544 bytes) Shelley's Twins (Kayli & Kaitlyn)
tmi_bull.gif (544 bytes)
Our Bees (Captured Bees from Granny's House)
tmi_bull.gif (544 bytes) Our Fish Pond - Photos of Koi & Ciclid Pond with Fountain
tmi_bull.gif (544 bytes) The Fish Gallery - Photos of Snook and Bass
tmi_bull.gif (544 bytes) Monster Bass - Huge bass caught on Banjo Minnows
tmi_bull.gif (544 bytes) Paintball Fun - Riggs family paintball page
tmi_bull.gif (544 bytes) Swamp Cabbage Fun - Festival in LaBelle, FL
tmi_bull.gif (544 bytes) Shrimp Festival - 2007 - Fort Myers Beach, FL
tmi_bull.gif (544 bytes) Uncle Cliff's Snook - (35 years ago)
tmi_bull.gif (544 bytes) Disney Fort Wilderness Camping
tmi_bull.gif (544 bytes) Hurricane Wilma- Pictures of damage at our place

BLOGS (web logs, diaries, MySpace)

tmi_bull.gif (544 bytes)Bees, Beekeeping, & Bee Removal - (Old Man Riggs' Bees)
tmi_bull.gif (544 bytes)Jennifer's Diary - (What's up with Jenn)
tmi_bull.gif (544 bytes)MySpace - (Old Man Riggs MySpace Page)

EXTUTES:  Enlisted, Officers, and their spouses who served at the United States Coast Guard Institute, Oklahoma City sometime during the period of 1970 - 1975

LABELLE.JPG (29753 bytes) Class of 1969:  LaBelle High School.  Thirty (30) Year Reunion in LaBelle, FL

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Links to Other Sites

tmi_bull.gif (544 bytes) Riggs Pictures - (More Shared Photos on Yahoo)
tmi_bull.gif (544 bytes)
Denrig, Inc. - The Old Man's Business Website
tmi_bull.gif (544 bytes) Paul's Place - Georgia HOME FOR SALE (
tmi_bull.gif (544 bytes) Jennifer's Place - Jennifer Site (
tmi_bull.gif (544 bytes) Robbie's Place - Robbie's Site (
tmi_bull.gif (544 bytes) Olga Baptist Church - The Riggs Family's Church
metabull.gif (1126 bytes) DIXIE Structures & Maintenance Steel Fabrication/Erecting
tmi_bull.gif (544 bytes) Cat Country Bee Adventure - Old Man Riggs assists Hatter
tmi_bull.gif (544 bytes)
The Slates - Rich and Carol Slate Webpage
tmi_bull.gif (544 bytes) Geraldine's Stuff (Maw's Sister)

Genealogy Files for Downloading
provided by Margie Kelly Johnson on her website

tmi_bull.gif (544 bytes)Trant & Kelly - Descendants of John Trant and Daniel Kelly, Jr. (Grandpa Kelly's family)
tmi_bull.gif (544 bytes)Brookins - Descendants of William Brookins - 1800 (Grandma Kelly's family)

Useful Tools

tmi_bull.gif (544 bytes)Address Lookup Tool -  uses “fuzzy matching” (which matches both by fixing misspellings and by matching phonetic spellings to real spellings), changes addresses to the correct format, fills in apartment numbers, and also contains business names that match their addresses.  It might be useful for checking old addresses of lost relatives or sending gifts to ensure they arrive to the right address.  

tmi_bull.gif (544 bytes) Pocket Mod - The PocketMod is a FREE DISPOSABLE PERSONAL ORGANIZER. Create on your printer on regular paper folded in a special way to make a neat little pocket notebook.


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Notice:  This site was developed and is maintained primarily for family and friends of The Riggs Family.  It contains updates, family photos, news and information which is probably of little or no interest to the general public.  If you are not friend nor family . . .or if you just want more information, then check out the "Links to Other Sites".  Thanks for visiting this website.


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