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Meet the Riggs Family
& their stuffed (once alive) wiener dog:

The Riggs family lives in Alva, Florida. They have backgrounds, interests, hobbies, etc. which you should find interesting (if not unusual).

Dad is a Florida native (born in Fort Myers); however, Maw was born in Brooklyn, New York and she has managed somehow to put up with the "Old Man" for over 35 years.

Dad enjoys eating swamp cabbage seasoned with "***" (Everglades Seasoning) of course. Dad and his kids (Robbie, Paul, & Jennifer) play paintball (ouch!) for fun.

Maw has a stuffed (mounted) dachshund named George who accompanies Maw on trips, weddings, or just about any occasion.

Take a look at these interesting (plain weird) people and check out some of the many links to other websites which are found in each of their biographies.


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