Photo from days gone by - Uncle Cliff
and the "good ole days"

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Old Man's fishing inspiration came from his Uncle "Cliff" (James Kelly) shown here with a 25 3/4 - pound snook caught 30 years ago. 

Old Man was still in high school when his uncle Cliff brought home this prized snook.

The caption in the News-Press read:

"TWINS ALMOST, Mahlon Bock of Fort Myers Beach (left) and James Kelly of North Fort Myers argue about who has the largest snook.  Both fish were 41 inches in length, but Mahon's topped the other 26 pounds to 25 3/4 pounds.  His had an inch more girth.  The anglers were baiting with needlefish when they took these lunkers from the Wooden Bridge at SanCarlos Island in bright daylight Wednesday. (New-Press photo by Richard Byland)"

Old Man has yet to top his uncles catch.  But hopes to some day.

Uncle Cliff explains that his fish had been out of the water longer and was not full of water (like the other fish).  If his snook had been weighed in sooner... he would not have lost this argument.  He regrets not having poured a glass or two of water into the fish to make if fair.

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