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Three nice ones caught on Banjo Minnow

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Another one from the Old Man's favorite fishing hole (his backyard).  Again caught on a chartreuse (green) and white Banjo Minnow.   Caught just after sunset on 11-12-98.  It measured 21 inches and weighed 4.0 pounds.

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Old Man & Trophy-size (24") Large Mouth Bass
April 23, 1998

The Monster Bass (at left) was caught 4-23-98 by the Old Man... again using his Mitchell 300 and the red-sparkled, dark-gray over light-gray Banjo Minnow. It was caught in the Old Man's favorite fishing spot...directly behind his home and just after sunset.

Notice that the Old Man no longer is sporting his beard (Maw is happy!). I guess if Maw is happy then so is the Old Man.

The Old Man is sold on those Banjo Minnows. He signed a release giving Script-to-Screen the right to use his photo of two Snook and the Banjo Minnow story.  Haven't read the story about how the Old Man got "hooked" on the Banjo menu... you will find on the main menu as "Fish Gallery".

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Old Man & Nice-size (18") Large Mouth Bass
April 2, 1998

It was taken just as it was getting dark... on the first cast. He didn't make any more casts... had to get back to work. He is very busy... but not too busy to take a break and land this one.

Visit his other site and look for loads of fish. Practically all were caught behind the canal behind his home. Most were caught (all recent catches) on the Banjo Minnow.

They haven't told the Old Man when he will be on TV, but said the story and photo will be on the show. If you see or hear anything...the Old Man would appreciate you letting him know.

The nice large mouth bass (at left) was caught behind the Old Man's House on April 2, 1998 using a new Banjo Minnow (upper left inset) and his old faithful Mitchell 300 reel (upper right inset)

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Small gator (7 to 8 ft.) sunning and watching the Old Man fish in the canal behind his house.

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