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To see photos of their pond and garden

The Slate Family - 1997

October 1997

We've been very busy lately. My oldest daughter, Heather, is getting married on December 20 and there are a million things to be done between now and then. She takes her last final at the University of Oklahoma on Dec. 18 and then gets married two days later. At least she will have her degree (Health and Sports Science) before she gets married.

My son, Teddy, is in his third year at O.U. and is majoring in Architecture. He's making real good grades and seems to really enjoy his studies.

 My youngest daughter, Elizabeth(Lizzy), is in the 11th grade at our brand new high school (Norman North Timberwolves).  She still has her horse (Stormy) and drives my old 1976 Postal Jeep.

I am working as an Illustrator at the U.S. Postal Service in Norman and Carol is working as a Graphic Support Technician at the FAA Center in Oklahoma City (Home of the Coast Guard Institute).


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After the reunion in Branson. The Slates drove Dennis & Virginia to Norman, OK.

Pictured at the left is Dennis & Rich making noise in the Slate's living room.

Note to Rich:  If you would like the text of your family pictures updated, you can send the information to me and I will update this page for you!

Update:  The Slates moved from Norman, OK to Blanchard, OK in June 2001

To see photos of their pond and garden:

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